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Banquet Hall is a spacious and elegant place that fits even 150 people. Elegant interior comprises a connection of classic and extravagant additions and the décor of the hall has a calm color scheme. Crystal chandeliers and additional light illuminations give an unique character to the hall.

The hall is equipped with air conditioner which provides perfect air circulation.
There is kid’s corner on the hall, which allows children to play within their parents’ eyesight.


The parquet is made of high quality  tiles, providing safety for dancers. The Banquet Hall has a stage  for a music band. A lot of equipment allows you to create  a perfect show for your guests.

Outside the Hall you can find  a secluded terrace with romantic fountain, fenced backyard and a parking area.


The amazing charm is deepend even more by decorated tables with fresh flowers.

Our clients have a choice of arrangement of the hall with round tables or traditional ones.

In addition to our Banquet Hall we offer you excellent dishes. Our chefs and waiters provide the best dishes that will satisfy the most sophisticated taste. We offer you a various versions of menu, that depends of guests’ choices.

For the newlyweds we offer a luxury apartment in the price of the wedding party. We can offer comfortable rooms for wedding guests, which is very convenient for them and for the host.

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